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Tidal Creates Video Playlists On The Basis Of Your Listening Behavior

Tidal is rolling a new change on the normal computer-created playlists we have witnessed from the likes of Google and Spotify. And it is doing so with a video-based feature dubbed as My Video Mix. Similar to Spotify with its compilation of “Made For You” playlists, Tidal claims it will make video playlists with a logarithm that is manipulated by its expert editorial group. To perform so, the algorithm by Tidal will also take into consideration your audio listening behaviors.

As soon as the feature is live on your handset, you will see a sum of 8 different video playlists. Every playlist will sport a different compilation of related genres and artists. In addition to this, the more often you hear music on Tidal, the more swiftly the playlists will upgrade with new material. Certainly, you can save any one specific playlist if you need to hear it offline or later. Apart from the new feature, Tidal has included a devoted Videos section. You can use the tab on mobile through the bottom menu.

At first instance, Tidal’s aim on video is a bit confusing. But the video library of Tidal is a plus point to the platform, and the firm requires finding methods to set itself different from the rivalry in manners that do not involve users shelling out extra to use the platform.

If you have been looking out for Tidal for quite some time, now is a good time to have a look at the service. The firm is presently providing HiFi and 4-month premium subscriptions for $2 and $1 respectively—that’s $2 and $1 for the whole 4-month timeframe, not on monthly basis. Usually, those plans might cost users $80 and $40 over the same time period. Just note that the deal is only accessible to new users.

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