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Google’s Renovated My Devices Page Now Tracks PCs

The My Devices page by Google has majorly been restored by the Find My Device function, but it is still broadly employed by G Suite consumers. Up till now, it is only operated with tablets and phones, but Google has lastly upgraded the app with a new look and the capability of managing desktop PCs, too.

That will allow you do the same stuff with a laptop that you can perform with your handset, such as lock, wipe, and locate it. The new UI is more user-friendly as compared to earlier version, as well, allowing you check management, data, and location for every device. Find My Device operates in much the same manner, but is directed more at users instead of G Suite business consumers. You can also employ the “your devices” panel to sign out of and find your desktop, Wear OS and Android devices.

The panel also has a fresh URL at (only for G Suite consumers) but it will redirect the earlier one to that URL. The new page will take between 1–3 Days to work for everybody, Google claimed.

On a related note, Google is slowly making an effort to clarify its controversial “Project Nightingale” health care info gathering program after it was disclosed by a media probe. The search behemoth earlier claimed that it is lawfully gathering info from Ascension (the hospital chain) below a so-called BAA (business associate agreement), which lets it to share some patient data below the present health privacy rules. On the other hand, Congress needs to know precisely what it is doing with the info, so Google has elaborated further to the media.

Google claimed that any tailored info will only be seen by specific employees that “undergo medical ethics and HIPAA training, and are explicitly and individually accepted for a limited time by Ascension.

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