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Robotic Arm Submersible Win XPRIZE For Identifying New Tech For Ocean Floor Mapping

In the recent years, scientists are taking more interest in the field of oceans. There are many technologies being developed to understand our oceans more in details. Such efforts made by the internationally recognized GEBCO-NF Alumni team that created a robot won the XPRIZE due to its potential in mapping the seafloor.

Down 4 km of the Mediterranean Sea, the robot displayed is capabilities quite well. Now, the surface and underwater duo are eligible to take part in the challenge called “Seabed 2030”.  The aim of this challenge is to map the entire Earth’s floor with more precision. As of now, only around 20% of the earth’s sub-surface topography is mapped with acceptable levels of accuracy. Efforts are made by the global scientific community to achieve précised mapping of the ocean floor. Dr. Jyotika Virmani – the executive director of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE said that they’ll achieve this dream in near future with the developed technologies. She told BBC news that they are on their way to make these technologies, as some of the robust technology with R&D will have a different approach.

The GEBCO-NF Alumni team always had the potential to win the $7milklion Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE as all its members had extensive experiences in the relevant fields. The group won as they had achieved the highest level of development with a unique twist in the existing technologies.

HUGIN AUV deals with echo sounding depths, who managed to specifically design the unscrewed surface vessel known as USV, for this competition.  On the other hand, the boat – Sea-Kit Maxliner was designed in ESSEX; the UK.

The team managed to cover 278 sq. km in the given time frame and captured 10+ images of the geological features that can be identified. The project coordinator of the team – Dr. Rochelle Wigley said that the prize money will be utilized for further improvements in the robot.

Andrew Conover
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