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Researchers Stumble Upon A Cosmic Dust Ring Present Around Mercury

The piling up of dust on every object kept in the house is a common concept but recently, the researchers have found the presence of it on the rings of Mercury as well.  This astounding discovery made by the astronomers of a layer of cosmic dust particles in our Solar System that too in an unexpected place is questionable. According to Solar Scientists Russell Howard and Guillermo Stenborg from the Naval Research Laboratory, they were not in the lookout for dust but unknowingly came across it. The scientists were hunting for a dust-free precinct near the Sun with the goal of letting the Parker Solar Probe carry out its exploration.  The researchers are looking for a region where the dust released from the stars would be vaporized and this region could help us add some more light on the cosmic dust and also how the planets in the Solar System came into origin.

However, the scientists found miasma of cosmic dust spread across the orbit of Mercury. The dust itself forms a ring that is 9.3 Million Miles wide. As Mercury is situated about 3,030 Miles away it floats in a cosmic sea of dust when revolving around the Sun. The Parker Solar Probe helps remove the cosmic dust effects from the images and give a clear view of the Sun. The dust around the Sun tends to show in every image captured. However, the recently spotted dust seems to be more prevalent and denser than expected when tried to scrub off.

As no one could have expected a dust ring to be present around Mercury, this discovery seems to be a totally new surprise. The astronomers had believed that its small size and closeness to Sun could not allow the accumulation of dust ring around it. The solar winds and magnetic forces arising from the Sun were instead thought to blow away the dust existing in the Mercury’s orbit. This current discovery will be handed over to the experts as the scientists have to focus on looking for a dust-free zone while the Parker Solar Probe investigates the Sun’s corona.

Andrew Conover

Andrew Conover has done Masters in Atmospheric Sciences and manages the science domain at our publication. He is associated with us from last 2 Years. Andrew looks after science-related content and believes every new project is a prospect to raise the bar. His success mantra is taking a big concept and working on it with laser sharp focus. He is very clear with his workflow and believes in helping others with his valuable opinions and knowledge regarding space science. Outside of work, Andrew is a proud dad and plays football in leisure time. He also keeps tabs on all the Science-related events around and makes it a point to attend it and share his experience about it.

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