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Publicis To Acquire Epilson In $4.4bn Deal—Report

On April 14, 2019, a concerning authority of Publicis made an announcement that the Company is about to acquire Epilson at $4.4 billion. Spokesperson of Publicis told the reporters that the company is planning to do so because in the long run, it will provide ease to its clients in the advertisement. Furthermore, Publicis is also planning to sign a partnership deal with other businesses in which Alliance Data deals.

The present dealing was offered by Publicis as the company wants to compete with Facebook as well as Google in digital marketing and advertisements. According to sources, most of the companies in the US are ready to spend a hefty amount of money this year on internet advertisements.

Through the acquisition of Epilson, Publicis can easily manage data. According to one of the spokesperson of Publicis, the company has more than 240 million customers in America. Publicis also made a public statement in which it told that the company can easily manage the client data over the internet in an efficient manner.

While speaking to the press, Jay Pattisall stated that Epilson and Acxiom are the two companies where it is very important to give first preference to customers’ privacy. He further said that both the companies are capable to provide genuine integrity and confidentiality to their clients through data protection and timely scrubbing.

Jay Pattisall further said that at present it is very important for marketers as well as for customers to have proper privacy while they are online. Through the present acquisition, Publicis would also be able to make genuine connections with their clients.

During an exclusive press interview, Arthur Sadoun stated that due to the rise in competition, most of the clients have to deal with intense pressure. He also said that this is the reason why Publicis gives more emphasis on quality service delivery to its customers.

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