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Amazon Tries To Improve Its Image As The Nooze Tightens On Big tech

Right after Amazon showcased its interest in retailing, cloud computing, consumer support as well as advertising, government officials are concerned about the company’s influence on its customers. In March 2019, Amazon allowed merchants to offer their goods at a low price to the global audience. The retail giant has made that change after it was asked by Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Amazon had also put a curb on its intense promotional campaigns after Senator Warren stated it as an abusive. The retail giant was also seen to increase the minimum wage, and make it $15 as the company was criticized by Bernie Sanders.

During an exclusive press conference, one of the spokesperson of Amazon also stated that the company is planning to accept cash payment in the upcoming future. The Company is planning to undertake such endeavor as many states of the US advocate internet retail companies to provide a platform even to the people who don’t have a bank account.

While speaking to the reporters, Scott Galloway said that at present Amazon is working on its public image and to get into the good books of political figures. Back in 2011, the government of Texas imposed more than $250 million as a tax on Amazon and it further threatened to shut the warehouse before they get any final result.

During a press interview, Galloway criticized Amazon for imposing a good image to tackle the intense competition over the internet. Furthermore, Kartik Hosanagar said that Amazon has acquired a great strategy with which many customers will look at it as a great company and will ignore the bigger problems with the company.

During a press interview, the CEO of Amazon said that he’s only to make statements about the present endeavors of the Company. Jeff Bezos also said that he doesn’t want to compare Amazon with any other company. Furthermore, Professor Gordon said that Amazon is at a winning streak at present and this is the main reason why the company wants to be defensive on its bigger agendas.

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