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It’s Change Of Rules For Huawei, Ready To Sell 5G Chips For iPhones

At a recent press interview, the CEO of Huawei has showcased his interest in selling 5G chips to iPhones. Though Huawei had been in the sector of telecommunication for a short time interval, the company had attained third place in the consumer market.

At first, Huawei used to manufacture cost economic mobile phones but recently the mobile giant had started to compete with Samsung as well as Apple. Due to this endeavor, Huawei had started to manufacture its own 5G chipsets which would offer high internet connectivity to its consumers.

During a press interview, the CEO of Huawei praised Steve Jobs for creating internet era. Mr. Zhengfei further said that Mr. Jobs had an extraordinary vision and said that the company is ready to make a deal with Apple. Though Apple might not show any interest in Huawei’s processor, the company could purchase 5G chipsets.

At present, the mobile producing giant, Apple didn’t have any 5G supporting handset. Previously, the company had used Intel as well as Qualcomm processors in its handsets. Huawei, on the other hand, is facing a great deal of criticism from the Trump government.

The Trump administration has also accused Huawei of helping the Chinese government in espionage. Last year, Huawei had also planned to compete against Apple in the consumer market of mobile phones. At present, the CEO of Huawei admitted that the company has marked the cost of its handsets too low.

He gave two reasons for bad marketing strategy, firstly that the company had charged the price based on the production cost. Secondly, Mr. Zen said that the low cost of Huawei was because of the low operating cost which the company had learned to apply from the product management done in the west. Mr. Zen further said that since Huawei had increased the price of its mobile phones most of the consumers are tagging them as an expensive brand.

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