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Israeli Space Agency SpaceIL Says It Will Make A New Beresheet

The nonprofit space agency of Israel, SpaceIL has officially decided to make its second moon lander and the announcement came just after the recent crash of its lunar lander into the surface of the moon. The Israeli entrepreneur, Morris Kahn, who supported much of the agency’s debut moon mission, has recently made an announcement on Twitter. Though, SpaceIL has not revealed many specifics about when and how the next mission will happen.

In a video posted on Saturday, Kahn stated that in the light of all the backing that he has got, from all around the world along with some beautiful texts of support and encouragement, he has decided that SpaceIL will be going to actually establish Beresheet Shtayim on the lunar surface. The first lunar lander that was crashed recently was christened Beresheet, which in Hebrew means “Genesis”, whereas “shtayim” in Hebrew means “two”, which is going to be the successive lander for the agency. Kahn added that team is going to build an all-new spacecraft and this time, Israel will be going to put it on the lunar and accomplish the mission.

On Thursday, April 11, SpaceIL’s original moon lander got extremely near to landing on the moon’s surface, but it eventually failed just instants before its landing. The lander was initially orbiting around the moon and in order to land, Beresheet ignited its engine to slow down its speed and descend to the surface of Earth’s moon. A technical glitch occurred just after igniting the Beresheet’s engine and this has made the engine to prompt for a shut off. The lander started again its engine objectively quickly, but it was too late for a proper touchdown. Beresheet slammed hard into the moon’s surface. The exact root cause of the technical glitch is still vague, and as per the agency, it is working to find out the problem.

Andrew Conover

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